2024 Conference Proposals

Tracing Paths: Learning from the Past, Navigating the Present, and Shaping the Future

The theme for the 2024 NYSEC Conference offers countless entry points for workshop proposals. At its heart, this year’s theme embodies the importance of how the paths we take play a crucial role in where our journeys lead us. The choices we make when traveling from point A to point B have infinite results and possibilities. As educators, the very nature of our work is to make choices resulting in the optimal outcome. These choices range from the texts we decide to put in students’ hands to the means of delivering lessons.

Workshop Proposal Deadline: March 1, 2024

Learning from the Past: Learn: verb. gain or acquire knowledge by study, experience or being taught.

Why is it important to study the past? What can the past teach? What is considered “past?” Yesterday? Decades ago? Earlier Centuries? Sometimes our progress can blind us to the wisdom our ancestors held or our elders still hold. What can we learn from people whose experiences are foreign to and/or far removed from ours?

Navigating the Present: Navigate: verb. to determine a path or course

The word determine is key. It puts the power in our hands to decide the course of a path that is directly in front of us. Educators are faced with challenges at every turn. How do we adapt to unanticipated issues? How do we negotiate the needs of the students before us? To current events? To timely concerns? Sometimes selecting texts or even the language we use can feel like we are approaching a minefield. What strategies do you employ or practices do you use to traverse that sometimes uneven terrain?

Shaping the Future: Shape: verb. to determine the nature of; have a great influence on

To what degree can we as educators determine or influence the future? Logically we know that our influence on students is tremendous, and we need to tread carefully about what that means. An improved future has a variety of renderings according to whom you ask. How do we carefully draw the line between teaching content that by its nature deals with conflicts, humanity and philosophical questions of right and wrong and imparting our personal beliefs? If our goal is to create students who will become capable critical thinkers and empathetic respectful citizens, we can’t go wrong. What lessons, experiences, units or texts can help shape a future worthy of our students and one they can be proud to be a part of?

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