Jan 18 2024


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Do You Know Who You Are? An Exploration of Personal Stories through AncestryClassroom™

Title: Do You Know Who You Are? An Exploration of Personal Stories through AncestryClassroom™

Date: 01/18/2024
Time: 4pm-5:30pm
Location: Online
Presenter: Love K. Foy
Registration: Click here

Storytelling comes in many forms. We often work with students on the basics of character development, plot construction, conflict resolution, and other elements of story in creative writing, but what about telling a personal story? Many students struggle with writing personal essays (i.e., the college essay), so a full-blown narrative can be overwhelming. This workshop takes into consideration that learning one’s own family history can become a catalyst for telling one’s own story.

Participants will learn to tell family stories through the creation of a family tree using primary and secondary sources such as newspapers; census data; birth, marriage, and death records; immigration and emigration records; military records; photos and other forms of historical data. Participants will walk away from this course with access to genealogical resources that will help them and their students learn and understand their unique individual histories and use this information in the development of personal narratives. Participants can get a head start on the process by starting a free family tree at using this link: They can also start/create a free family tree at using this link:

Presenter Bio:
Love K. Foy is an education administrator and children’s advocate. She began her career as an English teacher in New York City and soon found herself working with literacy and technology through educational grants sponsored by the Manhattan Superintendent’s Office. This led to leadership work as a literacy specialist in the New York City Department of Education. Love now supervises a team of fifty+ English and reading teachers in the Half Hollow Hills School District in Dix Hills, New York. She also heads up the school district’s Adult Education Program.

Love continues to have a passion for technology and its impact on teaching and learning. She brought the AncestryClassroom grant to her school district and has facilitated several workshops tailored to online genealogical research. As a lifelong educator, she continues to honor the mission and vision of her parents, who for forty years owned and operated the Nia Lyceum Academy, an independent school in Brooklyn, NY. In her free time, Love is a writer and is working on her second book.