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NCTE Proposal 2022 Afterthoughts • Michelle Bulla • May 2022

Picture it: period 1 in our school. I bet it’s earlier than yours – we’re talking 7:08am. Bleary-eyed but excited by possibility, three English teachers sit in the front of a classroom filled with kids more bleary-eyed than we are, sitting in study hall.

Writing Out of the Day • Kerry Baird • April 2022

It has been said that “competition makes us faster, but collaboration makes us better.” In a field in which we easily interact with a minimum of 150 people a day, one would think that collaboration would come naturally and regularly.

Letters, Memories, and New Writing • Susannah Devine • February 2022

My 9th grade English teacher had us write letters to ourselves. Who we were at that moment, what we liked, what we feared.

A Letter to James Baldwin • Holly Spinelli • January 2022

Like you, I’m a New Yorker, only a New Yorker from a different time.

Newsletter of Excellence Award Winner 2021

Once again, our beloved NYSEC Newsletter has been recognized for an NCTE Affiliate Award thanks to the devotion of our editor, Christine Furnia!

Undeniable Plausibility • Michelle Bulla • November 2021

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Unfortunately, not a lot of writing.

Aesthetic Force • Michelle Bulla • February 2021

Aesthetic Force, defined: quite literally, the power of art to move you.

Less is More (Or Is It? Asking For A Friend) • Michelle Bulla • January 2021

It occurred to me that I should / could now – finally – envision my way to the end of the semester in my elective course, Exploring Teaching As A Profession.

Newsletter of Excellence Award Winner 2020

NYSEC News, edited by Christine Furnia of Wappingers Central School District, published by New York State English Council, has been named as a recipient of the 2020 NCTE Affiliate Newsletter of Excellence Award, given by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

2020 NCTE Affiliate Website of Excellence Award

The New York State English Council, edited by Michelle Bulla, has been named as a recipient of the 2020 NCTE Affiliate Website of Excellence Award.

2020 Kent D. Williamson Affiliate Membership Recruitment Award

The New York State English Council has been named one of nineteen recipients of the 2020 Kent D. Williamson Affiliate Membership Recruitment Award given by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

The Metaphors Aren’t Helping • Michelle Bulla • August 2020

It’s 6:02am and I’ve been awake since 4:30. Maybe you are, too. I’m guessing you’re with me, if not physically, then likely you are spiritually.

Elegy of an Empty Classroom • Bridgette Gallagher • May 2020

My classroom is an extension of my heart. Everything I have put into it: the furniture, the background music, the posters on the wall, my too-loud voice at the start of a new unit. It’s the purest reflection of me.

I Wish My Teachers Knew – Part II • Michelle Bulla • March 2020

In my last blog post, Part I, I shared student thoughts and sentiments that they produced in a letter-writing activity for a high school course I teach called Exploring Teaching As A Profession.

I Wish My Teachers Knew – Part I • Michelle Bulla • February 2020

So, NYSEC colleagues, here are unedited excerpts of what our charges have on their minds, courtesy of my high school group who just wrote last week…

A Love Letter to My Student Writers • Michelle Bulla • November 2019

This year I decided that my personal professional learning and development was going to focus on writing: teaching writing, being a writer, coaching writers, making space in my life for writing, centering my department’s work on studying and discussing writing.

Another Reason to Love YA • Michelle Bulla • September 2019

A few weeks ago I got into a conversation about YA books with a dear friend who’s a mom to two young YA readers. I was thrilled; I love to talk about readers and reading, and I’m a convert to YA’s style, form, function, and to the simple pleasure of reading a book that is less taxing than others.

2019 NCTE Affiliate Website of Excellence Award

The New York State English Council website, edited by Michelle Bulla, Monroe-Woodbury High School, has been named as a recipient of the 2019 NCTE Affiliate Website of Excellence Award, given by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Evolution • Michelle Bulla • April 2019

Last Thursday I skipped class with three of my English teachers. We did not sleep in, have cocktails with lunch, or squeeze in a mani pedi. Sorry to disappoint. What we did was far nerdier.

March Mudness • Michelle Bulla • March 2019

March is a month of change. It is a month of winds blowing – some bringing snow and ice, some sleet and rain, some the most gorgeous hints of a magical warmth and blossom to come.

NYSEC Donates to NCTE Affiliates

The New York State English Council has made generous donations to other NCTE affiliates in support of students impacted by natural disasters.

I Believe (Part II of II) • Michelle Bulla • February 2019

In my previous post – Part I of this two-part blog – I wrote about how my teaching has evolved over the years. Specifically, the changes I explored had to do with how I came to experiment with ways to make my students the heart of my teaching.

I Believe (Part I of II) • Michelle Bulla • January 2019

With all the hoopla around renewals, revisions, and resolutions, I found myself looking back over my newest journal begun a few months ago. The first dated entry is from this past October, and it’s titled “Core Beliefs.” I’d been reading Penny Kittle & Kelly Gallagher’s latest book, 180 Days, and examining my own beliefs as the chaos of the school year began to settle down.

Norton Honored as a National Recipient, 2018 High School Teacher of Excellence Award

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has awarded the 2018 High School Teacher of Excellence Award to Marilyn Norton from Roy C. Ketcham High School in Wappingers Falls, New York. Norton is a member of the New York State English Council and one of 14 high school teachers nationwide awarded this year.

A Leap of Faith • Michelle Bulla • November 2018

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to take a first step. First serious interview, first day of a new workout, first step out of bed, first foray into that committee you joined. The first step in front of an audience counting on you is scary, especially when that first step is going to require a lot of work.

Make the MOST of your Conference Experience! • Michelle Bulla • October 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’re a tad overwhelmed at a conference. Some or all of these questions might race through your mind:
Where do I begin? Which workshops should I attend? How much networking should I do? How can move my professional work forward?

To Speak, Perchance To Be Seen • Michelle Bulla • October 2018

Regardless of your personal perspective on who is or is not truthful, how we present ourselves for public consumption is part of the much-debated, hotly contested, contentious, emotionally gut-wrenching, and highly significant events of this past week …

NYS English Council Honored with 4 NCTE Awards for 2018

NYSEC Honored with 4 NCTE Awards for 2018: Affiliate of Excellence, Newsletter of Excellence, Journal of Excellence, Website of Excellence

The Ties That Bind • Christine Zandstra • Sept 2018

I am lucky that I live only 1.9 miles from the school where I teach. I mean, who can beat that commute, right?? Seriously, the car barely has time to warm up and I’m already pulling into the parking lot to begin my day.

Summer Reading Opportunities • Christine Zandstra • July 2018

Teachers look forward to summer for many reasons: a time to reflect and rejuvenate, a time to spend with family, a time for travel, and, if you’re like me and most of my teacher peeps, a time to read.

Teaching Compassion • Kaitlin Blumberg • June 2018

I have never broken a leg. When one of my students walks into my classroom on crutches, I do not know the pain he experienced at the moment of the break. I do not know how exactly how difficult his journey down the hallway was.

Lessons from the Sandbox • Michelle Peterson-Davis • May 2018

I remember going off to college and looking for posters to hang in my dorm room, and when I came across All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten it instantly became my credo.

Mentor Musings • Michelle Kaprinski • April 2018

I’ve been fortunate to have had a go-to person throughout my life, offering to review a resume or provide tips for an interview. Always grateful for the advice, I jumped on any suggestion for improvement.

Putting Health First • Michelle Bulla with Jessica Wright • March 2018

As I write, Dick’s Sporting Goods has just announced they will no longer sell assault rifles, and they will require all gun buyers to be 21 years of age for purchase. Thankfully, change is coming. But I’m not talking about gun control.

NYSEC Creative Writing Contest for Students

The New York State English Council is proud to present our first annual creative writing contest for students in grades 9-12. We are looking for teachers to submit student writing in two categories: poetry and short fiction.

YA All the Way • Michelle Bulla • Feb 2018

Do you YA? I’m reminded of the old Yahoo commercials that projected searching through this engine was an adventurous phenomenon one ought to experience. As though you’d be missing something if you didn’t.

Teaching the Whole Teacher • Christine Zandstra • Jan 2018

Teachers know that some years are better than others. When we look back over our careers, we remember some years as “good,” maybe because of a particularly special cohort of students, or maybe because of a special event or project that we did that our kids knocked out of the park.

Breaking the Academic Code for School & Life Success • Michelle Bulla • Dec 2017

I’ve been thinking about this a long time – probably, in some ways, since I started teaching: students need to be taught how to act in the classroom. Wait! Don’t go! I’m not about to preach about discipline tactics. We’re breaking codes of a whole different type here.

Poetic Beginnings • Michelle Bulla • Nov 2017

I was recently on a Twitter chat with #aplitchat where the moderator posed a question related to his focus – beginnings, middles, and endings. The question was: “Do you prefer to have a beginning-of-the-period routine or do you prefer to mix up what students do every few days/weeks?”

Students’ Right to Read Challenged Books • Michelle Bulla • Oct 2017

Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc and destruction in the Caribbean and battered the Southeast, where my in-laws, cousins, and millions of others sheltered like so many sitting ducks, directly in the line of an unstoppable leviathan.

2017 NCTE Affiliate Journal of Excellence Award

New York State English Council Honored with 2017 NCTE Affiliate Journal of Excellence Award

The Importance of Attending Professional Conferences • Carol Durkin

Driving north on the Thruway, I take a deep breath and am conscious of my heavy sigh. After squeezing in last minute college essay conferences, encouraging seniors to finish their Naviance forms and grading papers…

2017 NCTE Affiliate Newsletter of Excellence Award

New York State English Council Honored with 2017 NCTE Affiliate Newsletter of Excellence Award

The Power of Teachers, Reading • Michelle Bulla • Sept 2017

I know you. You became an English / ELA teacher – most likely – because you love to read, and because reading opened the whole world to you.

Michelle Bulla Recognized

Michelle G. Bulla recognized as a High School Teacher of Excellence by the NCTE.

Lester Laminack

Story reveals to us the core of the teller…

NYSEC Recognized by NCTE

NYS English Council is proud to be recognized as an Affiliate of Excellence by NCTE.