The English Record

Great News! The English Record, edited by Deirdre Faughey, and published by the New York State English Council (NYSEC), has been named a recipient of the 2022 Affiliate Journal of Excellence Program Award, given by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Read more, click here.

Call for Papers The English Record

The English Record is an OpenAccess, double blind peer reviewed academic journal that is published through The New York State English Council (NYSEC). This journal encourages scholarly articles, practitioner pieces, creative writing pieces, book reviews, and educator interviews on current and updated trends of different aspects related to the field of literacy education.

The English Record welcomes manuscripts based on:
Feature Articles: We will consider a variety of topics related to literacy instruction. (4,000 words maximum, including all references and figures)
• Personal Essay: We would love to hear your stories from the classroom. Please consider sharing personal reflections and experiences. (2,500 words maximum)
• Teaching Ideas: Our readers would love to learn about your practices. Please consider sharing lesson ideas and materials that can help spark new ideas about teaching and learning. (2,500 words maximum)
• Reviews: We would love to hear about the books that inspire your teaching. Consider sharing your response to a book (young adult, literary fiction or nonfiction, contemporary or classic, graphic novel, etc.), a collection (poetry or essays), or a non-print text (film, artwork). (600 words maximum)
• Creative Writing: We would love to read your poetry, fiction, and flash-fiction.

Submission Deadline: December 9th, 2022

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via email, click here.

Manuscripts should be blinded, prepared using MS Word. Manuscripts should not exceed 4,000 words (including all references, tables, figures, and elements) and follow APA 7th edition guidelines. No simultaneous submissions. Each manuscript should include a cover sheet with the author’s name, affiliation, position, a short two or three-line author bio, preferred mailing address, telephone and e-mail address. Identifying information should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript. Please include an abstract on the cover page of no more than 50 words. All images, tables, figures and additional materials should be sent as separate files with a figure heading and notation within the manuscript for preferred placement.

Authors should adhere to the Statement on Gender and Language from the NCTE website, click here.

All of our Feature Articles undergo the peer review process. Upon submission you will receive an email confirmation. If your submission is not an appropriate fit for the journal we will let you know. If your submission seems like a good fit for the journal, we will send it to at least two reviewers, who will then provide feedback and make recommendations. The editor will then make a final decision about publication and share final edits.

As the author, you are required to secure any necessary permissions to reproduce any student work or materials from other sources.

Click for this information in pdf format.