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Advanced Methods-Teaching Social Class in ELA

Are you curious about how to address social class in ELA? Join our Spring 2022 graduate course, ENGL 539: Advanced Methods–Teaching Social Class in ELA! It will be offered remote synchronously on Wednesday evenings, 4:30-7:15pm, and will reflect a Massachusetts teaching schedule (no course meetings over February break, public schools spring break, or WSU spring break).

For folks who might be interested in taking a course for professional development, WSU is super-affordable: The graduate rate is $372.00 per credit, so the total for the class is $1116.00. Payment will be due two weeks prior to the start of the term (due on January 4th).

ENGL 539 Advanced Methods: Social Class in the ELA Classroom will foreground a cultural understanding of social class, building theoretical knowledge and applying it to literature, to lives, and to our teaching. As this is an emerging area of my scholarship, the course will run as an inquiry group where we learn together. Key non-fiction/theoretical texts include: Bettie’s Women without Class; Smarsh’s Heartland; as well as short stories like Lispector’s “Preciousness”, and YA and more canonic texts. Of course, I will also feature the upcoming March 2022 co-guest edited (with Amanda Thein) English Journal special issue on the topic with authors like W MA classroom teacher, Nicole Godard, newly-minted Dr. Chea Parton, Jon Michael Wargo, and others!

This class will only be as amazing as the students who bring their brilliance, so if you are interested, message me for more details. To register, you may contact Celeste Washington at cwashington@westfield.ma.edu. Class starts 1/19/21!

Urbanite Arts & Film Festival

Accepting submissions for Urbanite Arts & Film Festival in June 2022 in Westchester County. Deadline: April 30, 2022. Urbanite Arts & Film Festival is a nonprofit, four-part arts and film festival for all young adults aged 14-20.

Mission: to foster the next generation of underrepresented filmmakers and artists in the film industry. Through their art exhibition, we create a platform for a diverse range of young artists to express themselves creatively and launch creative careers.

The festival will highlight four art forms: Photography, Spoken Word, Short Screenplay Writing, and Short Film. Entries can be submitted, click here, until April 30, 2022.

NEATE’S Community of Virtual Learning Fall 2021-Spring 2022
“The Year of the Teacher: Agency, Empowerment, and Care”

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Humanities in Class Digital Library

The National Humanities Center has launched the Humanities in Class Digital Library, an Open Education Resource (OER)-based repository that collects and combines the best in humanities scholarship and education for use in the K-12 and collegiate classroom. Scholars share their research in a variety of forms (video lectures, primary source collections, essays, articles, etc.), and educators submit any type of instructional resource (lesson, activity, assessment, research, essay, guide, etc.). Members can modify and remix these materials as well as publish their own resources with direct citation. In addition to NHC materials, numerous organizations from all humanities disciplines have also contributed resources – including the National Council for Teachers of English, the Jane Austen Summer Program at the University of North Carolina, and the Huntington Library in Pasadena.

No funding is required. Membership is free, and the HICDL connects seamlessly with Google Classroom and most Learning Management Systems. All materials are free and come with Creative Commons open license. The HICDL is quickly becoming a makerspace for humanities education innovation with new members and resources being added daily.

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Help Your Students Become Published Authors!

Type directly into Scribblitt’s Write Itt template, use our professional pick and click illustration tool, or upload scanned artwork or photos, and publish a hardcover book or softcover comic.

Plus, for every book published, we donate a book to a child in need.
Register for your free account at www.scribblitt.com.

Then fill in the form at www.scribblitt.com/teacherprojects and note “NCTE”. You will receive a 10% OFF discount code and instructions on setting up your class project.

Questions? Email andrea@scribblitt.com

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