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Frontline Education Professional Growth

Inquiry into Strategies for Teaching Literacy and the Humanities Online Program: Teacher Center Audience: educators who teach ELA and Social Studies, literacy specialists Dates: 2/21/2019 to 5/9/2019
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Truth or Truthiness?: Evaluate Media, Create Context, Build Empathy Online Program: Teacher Center Audience: Teachers in all content areas, Library media specialists Dates: 2/19/2019 to 5/7/2019
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Survey to understand the experience of English language arts educators
Submitted via NYSEC website on March 12, 2018

We are education researchers at North Carolina State University, and we are conducting a survey to understand the experience of English language arts educators. We were hoping that you would be willing to forward our survey (http://go.ncsu.edu/elatodaysurvey) to members of the New York State English Council. We would love to have their perspectives represented in our research!

I have included our official recruitment email below. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Carl Young (cayoung2@ncsu.edu), the lead researcher on this study, with any questions about the survey.

Rachael Debnam-O’Dea
Doctoral Student, Teacher Education and Learning Sciences

You have been selected to participate in a survey to help us better understand your experience as an English language arts teacher. We want to hear about your experience in the classroom, including successes, challenges, and where you see the future of your profession. Please consider helping us understand the state of English education today by adding your voice to our research.

This study has been approved by the North Carolina State University Institutional Review Board and all participant data will be confidential.


Upon completion of the survey, participants will be entered to win an iPad Mini or Amazon gift card worth $500.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the survey, please feel free to contact Dr. Carl Young (cayoung2@ncsu.edu). We appreciate your time and thank you for considering participation in the study.

After completing the survey, please share with other English language arts teachers.

Thank you,
Carl Young, Nicolette Filson, & Rachael Debnam-O’Dea