2/4/23: Pairing Poetry and Art for Analysis and Creative Writing: Ekphrasis!

Writing Home: Workshop 4

Date: Saturday, Feb 4, 2023
Time: 9am-10:15am
Location: Via Zoom
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Please join NYSEC for the fourth workshop in our 2022-2023 virtual professional development series, “Writing Home.”

This session will introduce canonical and contemporary poetry that is in conversation with works of art, sometimes called ekphrastic poetry. We will discuss how those pairings can help students refine their close-reading skills and how teachers can bring themselves and their students into the ongoing conversation. Participants will consider the poets’ and artists’ choices, think about ways the works lend themselves to analysis, and try their hands at writing ekphrastic poetry. The most common definition of the word “ekphrasis” is “a verbal description of a work of art.” We’ll spend a little time on the skills of “formal” analysis of a visual text and apply those skills to reading poetry. We’ll study several pairings of art and poetry, and then we’ll write some poetry–or maybe even create some art. Bring your writer’s notebook and art supplies, if you’re so inclined.

Presenter: Robin Aufses

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