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General Interest Submissions
General interest submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Please consider sharing articles on any topic relating to English education. Review our prior issues to learn more about the writing we publish. See guidelines below.

Upcoming Theme:
Promoting Democratic Values in the ELA Classroom
Submission Deadline: March 15, 2021
Publication Date: June, 2021

Democracy, we realize, means a community always in the making.” – Maxine Greene

English language arts classrooms are places where we are constantly striving to meet the ideals of democracy. We value and celebrate diverse student voices and texts. We promote critical thinking skills in order to teach students to develop original ideas and support them with textual evidence. We encourage students to share their unique stories and be curious about the stories of their classmates. We practice recognizing ideas that run counter to our own by addressing alternative viewpoints and presenting new arguments. And, as Maxine Greene notes, we know that this work involves ongoing community-building.

This English Record issue invites you to share writing that highlights the work of democratic community-building in the ELA classroom. How are we introducing underrepresented stories in the curriculum? How are we engaging students in discussion and how are we supporting them when conflicts arise? Where are we finding ways to promote learning across the curriculum and with their out-of-school experiences? How are we introducing changes in order to humanize curriculum and pedagogy?

Guidelines for Submissions
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Dr. Deirdre Faughey via e-mail at

Manuscripts should be blinded, prepared using MS Word.
Manuscripts should not exceed 6,000 words (including all references, tables, figures, and elements) and follow APA 6th edition guidelines. No simultaneous submissions.

Each manuscript should include a cover sheet with the author’s name, affiliation, position, a short two or three-line author bio, preferred mailing address, telephone and e-mail address. Identifying information should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript.

Please include an abstract on the cover page of no more than 100 words.

All images, tables, figures and additional materials should be sent as separate files with a figure heading and notation within the manuscript for preferred placement.

As the author, you are required to secure any necessary permissions to reproduce any student work or materials from other sources.

Complimentary Copies
Each corresponding author will receive a copy of the issue after publication.

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